Case Studies


Whilst creating content for @VisitBarcelona, Ian captured an image of 'Barcelona From Above' which went viral after being initially posted on @canon_photos, going on to reach millions of people across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - it even made it to the front page of Reddit.  This lead to @VisitBarcelona's Instagram page growing at over ten times its normal rate.  Moreover, the helicopter tour above the city was then sold out for the subsequent four months as avid photographers tried to recreate the shot!

Barcelona edit.jpg

@Southaustralia Testimonial:

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) engaged Henry and Ian in 2017. Throughout the process they set a new standard for content creators in professionalism, delivery, flexibility and results.  From just over 200 posts (including Instagram stories) they managed to garner over 6.15 million impressions. The ROI for the SATC was impressive and well worth the investment. The results achieved were incredible.

The content produced was really well thought through and we appropriately trusted their skill set. The feedback from all our operator was overwhelmingly positive. The 100 high res images and the video have been extremely well received throughout SATC. Their love for South Australia has translated into all the content produced. We also negotiated 10 features on the @canon_photos Instagram feed as well as daily vlogs on their Instagram story. All content shared was carefully tagged as per the requirements, but I really appreciated how they went both went over and above by tagging more operators than required, more times than required and sharing their journey across their personal platforms which also have significant reach. It was this level of commitment and engagement from both Ian and Henry that excites me to work with them again in the future..